Organize notes, patients, appointments and payments in an application designed for psychotherapists

Less administrative work and more time to care for your patients

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All your notes in one place

With PsiSix Notes you can create notes for each of your patients, from a sentence to super detailed notes. You can organize them according to your own categories and then find them easily. PsiSix Notes allows to write notes in text with rich format, without restrictions of length or structure. You are in control!

Manage your schedules and sessions coordination

Define your monthly schedule with the hours in which you can attend your patients. From PsiSix Notes you can create time gaps with the extension that you define, coordinate with your patients the day and time for the sessions, as well as cancel and reregister appointments. Everything from your own calendar.

Keep track of payments for your services

Knowing which patients have paid or not for your services is always a headache. In PsiSix Notes you can keep track of who paid, who doesn't and for how many sessions. A quick and easy way to manage the finances of your professional practice and notify your patients in a friendly way about the pending payments.

Why PsiSix Notes?

PsiSix Notes is an application designed specifically for psychologists to manage their professional practice in a simple and fully integrated manner, with the aim of reducing the time of administration tasks, allowing more patients to be treated in a better way.

Even if you keep recording your patients' notes on paper, PsiSix Notes allows you to then transcribe the most important of your notes to an application where you will have all the information organized for each of your patients, and accessible only with a couple of clicks.

In addition PsiSix Notes is designed to be used from home computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones, so you can access when and where you need, always with an incredible experience.

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