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A plan for every need.

  • Basic

  • 5 USD/month

  • Up to 5 patients
  • Up to 25 notes / month
  • Community support
  • Professional

  • 10 USD/month

  • Up to 20 patients
  • Unlimited notes
  • Custom support
  • Clinic

  • 20 USD/month

  • Up to 50 patients
  • Unlimited notes
  • Custom support

Need more?

We offer customized plans and dedicated servers for clinics. Contact us!

How do plans work?

The plans offer a certain level of service, depending on the number of patients and notes you need to manage. The greater number of patients and notes, the greater the use of resources on our servers (storage and memory), this makes the price per month also increase the more patients you have. We seek a balance between the cost of running and maintaining our infrastructure and the value that our users can pay to use our application.

Subscription to a plan is paid annually. A payment is a credit in your account from which the cost of use is debited each month, generating a payment receipt that will arrive by mail every month. That notification will have information about your account statement and the collection made that month.

You can request to change plans at any time, for example if you need to take care of more patients, and the current credit of your account will be prorated at the price of the new plan. All this will come in detail by mail.

Questions? Contact us!